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Amexem Trading

The Amexem Trading group is a Dubai based, privately own and vertically integrated aggregator, exporter, importer, trader and wholesaler of precious metals and precious stones globally.

The ATG Story

For more than 75 collective years the leadership of Amexem Trading Group (ATG) worked to establish, develop and acquire a network of trusted partners and affiliates. Collaborating with multiple members of 4th and 5th generation mining families and local community leaders to create an ethical operation centred around security, consistency and efficiency.

Amexem Trading Group has strict corporate governance policies for our suppliers and clients. Our compliance department works closely with internal practitioners and external legal specialists who carefully monitor our transactions and test them according to the applicable regulatory framework.

As to maintain our high standard, Amexem Trading has created a stringent compliance procedure including the use of third party due diligence service providers remaining compliant with the responsible supply chain guidelines of OECD, LBMA, KPC,UN and Dubai Law.

ATG  Services

As a vertically integrated company, Amexem Trading owns their entire product cycle, beginning at the mine site with the local aggregators through to the global market's end user. ATG works directly with refineries, banks, family offices, jewellery manufacturers and sophisticated private clients meeting their needs through its supply chain and extended ecosystem.

ATG provides ancillary support and services to ecosystem partners and clients in need of a reliable supply chain. These support services include:


Refining & Cutting

Export & Import


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Amexem Trading
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Dubai, UAE

4th floor, City Avenue Building, Port Saeed Street, Deira Port Saeed Area, Dubai, UAE.

Port Edward, S. Africa

Office 1
282 Llandudno Circle, Leisure bay
, Port Edward, 4278, South Africa

Accra, Ghana

26 Flower Street, Nii Owoshika, Kwashibu, Accra,



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